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How To Modify Product Information

Upon registration, a default agent is created with your details. To make changes to your default agent information, go to "My Accounts", then "Manage Agents" and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the EDIT button. Make the necessary changes and click on EDIT AGENT. Now your changes will populate into the form fields on future orders. This information is extracted from the database when you are ordering a product, saving you the time of entering all of your details all over again. To edit the information on a previous order, on the "My Accounts" page, then click on "Manage Agents", and scroll though the orders listed to find the order that needs editing. After clicking on EDIT next to that entry, make text changes, then click on EDIT AGENT.

How To Modify Contact Information

Click on Account Details from within My Account. This will display the data you submitted to us upon registration. Changes to your account will be applied once you press the Edit Account button on the end of the page.

** If you want to change the email address that you log in with, this needs to be done at our end. Please email your current login email address, the one you need it changed to, along with your name and phone number. Send to and we will reply when your account info has been edited.

How to View Previous Orders/Re-Order Products

Click on Previous Orders from within My Account. This will display a listing of all orders you have previously submitted online. You can click on the order number and view details of the products you ordered at that time. When you have the order's details on screen each item can be re-ordered with one click by simply clicking the Re-Order button directly below and to the right of the product you want to re-order. This will take you to a "filled" add to cart page which still allows you to make a minor change to the order. Re-ordering is just like ordering but it saves you the time to select the product, template, enhancements, etc.

How to Change your Password

Click on Change Password from within My Account. This page will ask you for your old password and display two fields in which you can enter your new password into. Remember your new password because the next time you login you will need to use this password.

How to Manage Agents (Add/Edit/Delete)

Click on Manage Agents from within My Account. This feature is for users who order products for more than one person. One user account can contain many agents, all with different details. Upon registration, a default agent is created with your details. This information is extracted from a database when you are ordering a product, saving you the time to enter all your details all over again. If you are ordering products for other than yourself you can add new agents and have the ability to select an agent when ordering products. Remember if you modify your Account Details, these changes will not be applied to your default agent so you have the ability to have different information on your products and on the actual account details.

How to Upload Photos

**For best results, photo should be on your computer hard drive. (Plugging in a camera and selecting a file from it may result in an upload error). Photos that are taken from websites are usually scaled down in resolution and do not print well. If using a photo that is on your website, please send us the original of that photo BEFORE it was scaled down for web use. (Photo sizing that is recommended is 2"x2" at 300dpi.)

Click on Upload Photos from within My Account. If you have chosen to Upload a photo when ordering a product you can upload photos very easily by "attaching" a file you have on your computer to an order/product you have ordered. You can enter a comment for the photo during this process. If you have ordered more than one product and chosen to upload a photo for each one but the photo is actually the same you can select the filename from the "Use Previously Uploaded Photo" row and clicking on Complete Order.

**Sometimes a file may be too large or there may be an upload error. If your photo does not upload properly, please email the photo to and be sure to include your name and order number. We will match up your photo with your order for you.